If you have a startup belonging to the following industries:
Intelligent Manufacturing, Life Science, or Green Science and Technology…

If you seek for strong governmental and financial support…

Do not hesitate to join!

Apply to the NYC regional competition for a chance to pitch onstage and win investment prizes!

Competition Introduction

The 2017 InnoBay International Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition is held by Ningbo Hangzhou Bay Management Committee and Research Institute of Fudan University in Ningbo. The New York City Regional Competition is co-organized by iBeeHub and CanNova and the pitch event will start on November 17, 2017. Apply now to enter the regional competition!

The Three Industries of the Competition

  • Intelligent Manufacturing Industry:
          Including robot, drones, artificial intelligence, 3D print, self-driving, virtual reality, smart home, and connecting the Internet with industrial precision manufacturing and high-end manufacturing.
  • Life Science:
          Including biomedicine, medical products, nutrient supplements, medical devices, healthcare equipment, Leisure and fitness, health management, health consulting and other products and services related to human well-being.
  • Green Science and Technology:
          Including new material, and related product and equipment, new energy and energy-conservation and environment-protection related industries.

Global Influence

  • Overseas Regional Competition:

This year’s competition will be hosting roadshows on New York, Silicon Valley, Singapore, and Paris. With the experiences obtained from the competition in previous years, more participants around the world could be expected.

  • Domestic Regional Competition:

Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Xian, Ningbo are regarded as our six China domestic division. We are investing much more effort on startup selecting. Outstanding startups will be offered the opportunities to accelerate and incubate at Ningbo Hangzhou Area.

Competition Agenda

1\ The Preliminary Stage (October 2017)
Online registration. 100 startups will be selected based on the Business Plan to participate in the Regional Competition.

2\ Regional Competition (November-December 2017)

   Regional Competitions will be held in New York, Silicon Valley, Singapore, Paris, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Chengdu, Xi’an and will be organized by each division respectively. Startups will be selected to enter the finals according to the scores are given by experts in the pitch presentation and Q&A session.

3\ Entrepreneur Boot Camp and Final Competition (mid-December 2017)
We will organize experts to screen out startups for the finals, invite experts to provide consulting and training for the finalists. In the final competitions, the professional and the public judges will select first, second, third prizes and consolation prize from the finalists after their on-site presentation and Q&A session, and issue the certificate after the competition.

Awards & Entrepreneurship Support

1\ Awards

  • One Gold Prize, One Silver Prize and Three Bronze Prizes in three industries respectively;
  • The “outstanding top 10″ certificate for the top ten startups that enter the finals.

2\ Entrepreneurship Support

According to the “On the Implementation of Innovative Talents at Home and Abroad Implementation Approach of the Introduction of Domestic and Overseas High-level Entrepreneurial Innovative Talents”, Ningbo Hangzhou Bay New District Administrative Committee will sponsor 100k – 500k RMB for startups based on the results of the competition;
② Fudan Hangzhou Bay Venture Capital Fund managed by Fudan University Ningbo Research Institute will invest in outstanding startups according to the results of the contest (up to 1 billion RMB for each startup);
③ For the Startups invested by Fudan Hangzhou Bay Venture Capital Fund as the lead-investor, Ningbo City angel investment fund and other related venture capital institutions can co-invest 100k – 200k RMB without Due Diligence Investigation;
Fund support from Fudan Industrial Investment Fund (Fund scale: 5 billion RMB) to outstanding startups.
Application Deadline:
November 10, 2017 at 11:59pm EST
How to apply:
Please send your
1) Company Introduction (around 800 words);
2) Team Introduction (around 500 words);
3) Business Plan

to iBeeHub official email address: info@ibeehub.org
We will get back to you by Nov 14, 2017. Please check your email.
NYC Regional Competition Time:
November 17, 2017 (Fri) from 7pm to 10pm
NYC Regional Competition Place:
265 West 37th Street,16th Floor, New York, NY 10018
Looking forward to seeing you in November!