IBeeHub successfully held its first Blockchain event with many more to come


IBeehub successfully hosted a blockchain event and invited panels to share their thoughts of future development on Saturday, April 7, 2018, at the Microsoft Technology Center.

IBeehub host the very first blockchain event of their entrepreneurs’ program this past Saturday, April 7, 2018, at the Microsoft Technology Center. Over 150+ attendees including investors, founders, and industry professionals communicated and understood further about the real-world application of blockchain and network with the leading players working with blockchain technology. This event will serve to kick off IBeeHub’s following summit – The 2018 NYC Blockchain Center Tech & Invest Summiton May 18th at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea, partnership with CoinDesk and NYCEDC during the NYC Blockchain Week 2018. The following event will bring a grander scale to bridge together blockchain communities in Asia and blockchain communities in the United States of leaders, pioneers, investors, and key people from a broad spectrum of industries to foster a developing blockchain ecosystem in NYC.


KeyNote Session Kick-Off by Jiangtao Sun

Jiangtao Sun, founder of China Binary Sale Technology Ltd, is a well-known blockchain investor. He has more than fifteen-year experiences in electronic payments field and focused on the practice of blockchain technology since 2014, invested in public chain, forked chain, digital currency exchange, stable digital currency, decentralized social networking, credit, payment, media, etc. The keynote address was delivered remotely by Jiangtao Sun, he thought the decentralization and distributed systems make blockchain potentially suitable for future recording and payment.


Jiangtao Sun, Founder of China Binary Sale Technology Ltd. video conferencing from China to share his knowledge and expertise 


– An investor asking Jiangtao Sun how to evaluate and properly invest in cryptocurrencies and assets 

Investment & Legal Panel Discussion

This free-ranging discussion touched on how businesses enabled by blockchain could replace the incumbent business models. Blockchain technologies will provide a new platform for supply chain management, food supply, manufacturing, healthcare, land titles, and financial services. Each of these verticals has intermediaries who can be removed from a chain of processes for greater efficiency and lower costs. Michael also noted the changing regulatory environment and how the S.E.C. is being more active in oversight of companies planning to do ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings).


–  Left to right: Michael Chang, SVP, Technology Banking at Jeffries; Joel Telpner, Partner at Sullivan & Worcester LLP; Harumi Urata-Thompson, Founder and CEO of HUT Consulting 

– An audience member asking a question about the legality around of cryptocurrencies and assets 

Entrepreneur Perspectives

Ding Yongqiang, founder of Bitmore, connected via video conference from China and shared his entrepreneurial perspective and provided a solution for digital asset management through the use of the Bitmore app. The Bitmore app allows users to track, manage, calculate and analyze the changes across various tokens in one single interface.


– Ding Yongqiang, Founder of Bitmore via video conference

ICO and the Regulation of Crypto Exchanges Panel Session 

The Entrepreneur Perspective session was followed by the ICO and the Regulation of Crypto Exchanges Panel session moderated by Ken Chester, founding member of CtrlShift.co, a media platform and investor tools for global blockchain news with Bibox represented by Estella Liu and BitMart represented by Xuan Wei as the panel experts. The executives representing the two cryptocurrency companies discussed the shifting legal and regulatory environments across China and other countries with active cryptocurrency markets.


– Left to right: Estella Liu, Business Development, Bibox; Xuan Wei, Director of Legal Department, BitMart; Ken Chester, Founding Member & Co-Editor, CtrlShift.co

Leveraging Blockchain Technology Across Applications

We were thrilled to have Virgil Zhang who represented Microsoft Corp. and Jesse Grushack from ConsenSys and co-founder of Ujo Music in the panel session to explore and share innovation their working on from the enterprise side and from the startup side. Ken also led the panel session as a moderator and invited questions to explore the music industry. Jesse shared that the blockchain technology will enable future artists to get a more reasonable cut of the income from their music and other features will be enabled by these new distribution platforms. It’ll also lead a development of copyright and digital rights management. Virgil discussed how Microsoft is using the technology to transform their business on the enterprise level.


– Left to right: Virgil Zhang, Tech Strategist, Microsoft Inc.; Jesse Grushack, Co-founder, Ujo Music @ ConsenSys

Inter-session Networking

In between panel sessions, attendees from industry professionals to company founders to investors to engineers and students excitedly gathered to interact and learn more about blockchain and distributed  ledger technologies.

– Lively discussions and excitement about blockchain 


– A student and CEOs engaging on the topic of blockchain  


– Chinese investors interacting over the view of Times Square


– James Chen, Co-founder of IBeeHub & Managing Partner of Chlys Capital sharing insight about Blockchain as the next technological revolution

Post Event Networking

After the session concluded, there were lots of activities happening. The discussions continued, guests and attendees wanted to learn more from the speakers. Press and media conducted interviews with some of the speakers. The speakers stayed around to chat with some of the audience that were newly introduced to blockchain. The attendees and the speakers expressed the event was one of the best and well-worth venturing out on a Saturday morning.


– Curious guests and experienced blockchain experts talking about the importance of the technology


– Jesse Grushack of Ujo Music @ ConsenSys stayed behind to chat and answered questions 


– The GCTV press team interviews Jesse Grushack


– Left to right: James Chen, Co-founder of IBeeHub with Virgil Zhang, Tech Strategist at Microsoft, Jesse Grushack, Co-founder of Ujo Music, Ken Chester, Founding member of CtrlShift.co, and Kate Wei, COO of IBeeHub


– Our sponsors: Michael Chang, SVP, Technology Banking at Jeffries; Joel Telpner, Partner at Sullivan & Worcester LLP; Harumi Urata-Thompson, Founder and CEO of HUT Consulting 

About us

IBeeHub Inc. is a New York-based incubator located in the Wall Street district. Established by Peking University and Fudan University alumni in April 2015, IBeeHub is often referred to as the first professional Chinese incubator on the eastern side of the United States.

We provide services and advice regarding consulting, incubation, and seed funding to early-stage startup companies, and also serve as a dynamic social platform. Our advantage lies in our angel investment opportunities, expert execution team with practical entrepreneurship experiences, strong network of professionals and scholars, and research capabilities, which is at the forefront of the east coast.

So far IBeeHub has received much attention and has been widely reported in Chinese and foreign media. It was complimented by the Xinhua News Agency as “the most grounded incubator”.

IBeehub is changing the history of China entrepreneurship on east coast of USA and growing with more than 20 entrepreneurial camps, dozens of entrepreneurs in the field of professional mentors, thousands of entrepreneurs, and investors from different industries.

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