About us

New York-based incubator located in the Wall Street district

IBeeHub Inc. is a New York-based incubator located in the Wall Street district. Established by Peking University and Fudan University alumni in April 2015, IBeeHub is often referred to as the first professional Chinese incubator on the eastern side of the United States.

We provide services and advice regarding consulting, incubation, and seed funding to early-stage startup companies, and also serve as a dynamic social platform. Our advantage lies in our angel investment opportunities, expert execution team with practical entrepreneurship experiences, strong network of professionals and scholars, and research capabilities, which is at the forefront of the east coast.

So far IBeeHub has received much attention and has been widely reported in Chinese and foreign media. It was complimented by the Xinhua News Agency as “the most grounded incubator”.

IBeeHub is a professional entrepreneurship services provider acknowledged and supported by New York City Small Business Services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support and incubate startups. We strive to grow and develop various innovative enterprises, and enjoy working with them for the entire process until they are ready to secure investors.

Our Vision

The core of IBeeHub is to collaborate and share, and be at the forefront of connections between Chinese Investors and American startups.

Our Services

As always, partners grows with you!

Why Choose Us

Experienced execution team, pool of angel investors, diverse network of talents and a strong technology base

Our Advantages

Our strong ties with China and Chinese investors can provide startups with angel investors and seed investment. Having consultants who have strong international backgrounds and deeply understanding of both Chinese and American business culture, IBeeHubwe can truly help startups to develop and empower themselves by specific training, mentoring and pitch workshops.

Our Features

We have hosted IBeeHub Global Entrepreneur Bootcamps every month since April 2015;
We have famous Chinese investors both from China and the U.S joining our panel discussion and pitch competition;

We partner with many different organizations, such as venture capital companies, government incubators, and startups in both the U.S. and China.