About 2017 Fintech Startup Conference


The most influential Chinese incubator in East Coast America: IBeeHub
 + The first and biggest Chinese Fintech Club in Northeastern America: Wall Street Fintech Club

We will have 300 potential participants on the day including guest speakers, investors, startups, judges as well as professionals and students who are interested in Fintech.

This conference is designed for helping outstanding Fintech startups to connect with China. It is also a platform to promote communication among Fintech startups, advisors, and investors.

Our Purposes

To explore outstanding Fintech startups.

To connect Fintech startups with advisors and investors

Our Advantages

New York City, where we based in, is the world financial center, which makes a huge geographical advantage to attract and gather various of talents and resources in Fintech industry.

Fintech has been becoming a big heat these years. There is an increasing number of Fintech startups appeared.

With two years accumulation, IBeeHub has numerous excellent Fintech startups in the pool. We, additionally, dedicate to help startups get financing and give them all-around guidance.

WSFC gathered many Chinese financial senior experts, who are able to provide professional guidance during the conference.

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Time: October 7th, 2017

Location: 265 West 37th Street, 16th floor, New York, NY 10018

Attenders:200-300 people

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