Our Core Values

As always, partners grows with you!

Our Mission

Our mission is to support and incubate startups. We strive to grow and develop various innovative enterprises, and enjoy working with them for the entire process until they are ready to secure investors.

Our Vision

The core of IBeeHub is to collaborate and share, and be at the forefront of connections between Chinese Investors and American startups.

Our Goal

As a bridge between two largest economies in the world, we seek global talent and resources in the fields of finance, technology, education, medicine, health, fashion, and media, to create an intercultural and intergenerational entrepreneurship platform supported by internet thinking. By collaborating and sharing we strive to support Chinese business needs of going international, and also American enterprises’ needs of development and expansion in the Chinese market. We hope that our all-around services can make IBeeHub a camp for entrepreneurs, a launch pad for talent and resources, an incubator for cutting-edge technology companies, a catalyst for startups’ growth, and a platform fostering communication of technologies and culture between China and America.

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As always, partners grow with you!


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